Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bunch of Shelter Dogs

Beatrix again


Skip again
Skip the energetic
a tired and happy Skip

I don't remember this boy's name
I tend to say too much, so today I'm just going to feature a few dogs at the animal shelter. All were adopted and are happy.

The large dogs are the ones I work with, but I cajoled other volunteers to let me take a few photos of the others. In Beatrix's case, her adoptive family requested the photo. They wanted to show her to other family members before adopting her.

I know my design is pretty bad, but it's because I don't yet know how to customize the layout of my blog, or write html. My daughter knows a lot more. Compare with her blog at own  thing needs to be redone by someone who knows what they're doing. No blog ever looked so crude as mine!

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